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Personally I like the "form follows function" design philosophy and like to make things as simple and as easy to use as possible given the functional task at hand. Natural light is an important resource in this and I love spaces which are well designed around the use of daylight. We (my wife and I) life in an Eichler home in the Bay Area in California. Eichler homes belong to the category "mid-century" modern, and what I really like about our house is that it has an atrium, with glass walls from the bottom to the top, and that also the back of the house has full glass walls as well. The light effects in these houses change from hour to hour, from season to season, in inspire me every day.

But daylight is not around the whole day, and artificial light is needed in the evening, or in spaces where no access to daylight is possible. Many aspects of artificial lights need to be taken into account for a good lighting design:

Very often we don't realize the importance of good light, and a good light design, but also the importance of darkness during times of sleep.

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