A site dedicated to the Management of Light and Color in Lighting Design and Digital Color Applications. Here, you can find prerelease versions of the books I am writing. It is also home to the CIE-JS WebAssembly Library, which implements colorimetric algorithms for colorimetry and digital color management applications. Lastly, find here a collection of easy-to-use, hands-on online Vision Tests and Color Calculation Tools.

Online Tools

CCT Calculator

To describe the color of white light, typically a correlated temperature and tint value are used, calculated through complex algorithms that rely on x and y chromaticity coordinates or X, Y, and Z tri-stimulus values. This easy-to-use tool implements a fast, high-accuracy bisectional search method based on Robertson’s algorithm.

Illuminant Catalog

Access the library’s illuminant data, view spectral irradiance plots, chromaticity values, and Color Rendering Indices. Use this tool to familiarize yourself with different lamps’ spectral properties and color rendering characteristics. Copy spectral data into your device’s clipboard for use in other applications.

Munsell Color Books

Browse the Munsell color book samples. Click on a sample to see measured spectral reflectivity values, and chromaticity coordinates in various color spaces. Click on the spectrum in the color plot to copy spectral data for use in other applications.